UI Service Areas

The UI Service areas allow our clients to customize their service needs to their unique project, or we can support the full life of a project from idea generation through implementation and opening day.

Planning | Master Planning and Feasibility

UI will work with the owner to analyze the current physical context, investment context, the owner’s interests, goals, vision, and program requirements, develop project feasibility and development strategies, propose, assemble and manage team members, and coordinate and supervise the work. UI has also has the expertise to advise on the methods for and potential design, construction, and operations implications of agreements, leases, covenants, and forms of land control while creating and ensuring a “known development environment” and enhanced public realm attractive to owners, government, and investors.

Development | Development Management

As opposed to traditional models of mixed or multi use development, UI focuses on a comprehensive development framework for environmental branding and place-making and environmental “stewardship” for maximum property value creation. We believe that a strong design plan and vision is vital, but more importantly, a large-scale project must be able to attract a variety of investors and ultimately be buildable. Working with our financial and marketing associates, we develop unique real estate products that are attractive to the current interests of potential investors and the needs of both domestic and international marketplaces. We also believe that today’s real estate development market also requires a more comprehensive and aggressive approach to investigating non-standard investment sources such as corporate sponsorships, licensing, alliances and other non-traditional investment potential including new technology approaches.

Entertainment | Culture, Entertainment, and Tourism District Creation

Entertainment and Tourism District development is value creation. It is the creation of an environmental brand through coordinated planning that supports and benefits from the creation of destination attractions. Districts have the power to increase real estate value, enhance visitor experience, expand new revenue opportunities, and induce new adjacent development opportunities.