Theme Park Development MENA

undisclosed location in MENA region


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    Site Plan Study
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    Proposed Theme Parks Alignment

The Theme Park Development, located in the MENA (Middle East / North Africa) region, is a unique approach to the creation of a “mega” entertainment resort destination. It consists of 6 branded theme parks interconnected through a common retail entertainment and hotel spine. UI assembled and led a master plan team for the incorporation of the 6 parks, 600,000 sf of related retail and dining, 6000 themed hotel rooms, staff housing for 21,500 employees, 11,000 residential units/timeshare, parking and arrivals, light rail access and an internal shuttle monorail. Working closely with Arup Associates, UI proposed infrastructure strategies for water and energy generation through the development of bio-energy solar thermal corridors, and creation of “green” theme park building guidelines.